Download GBWhatsApp APK on Android using ACMarket

WhatsApp is the most common messaging app and has remained everyone’s favorite ever since its launch. Along with instant messaging, you can also enjoy voice and video calling all over the world for free. However, there are few features which could make the app better. GBWhatsApp has a lot of privacy settings available on GBWhatsApp APK. You can even customize it by adding new themes, fonts, etc.

You can download GBWhatsApp APK on Android easily. Since it is a modded version, you need to install it from a third-party source. ACMarket is the best app installer for Android that gives you a great number of modded and hacked apps. We have provided a simple method to install GBWhatsApp APK on Android using ACMarket in this article. Check this out:Download AC Market on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak (UPDATE).

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is an awesome mod that provides you with the best instant messaging. There are lots of features in the app to check out.

  • You can lock the app using a passcode or Touch ID.
  • The online and last seen receipts can be hidden.
  • You can disable the sent and delivered receipts as well.
  • You can send unlimited media and documents.
  • There is no size limitation while uploading a status.

GBWhatsApp APK even has a stealth mode for you. You no longer have to square-size your photos to upload a profile picture. The app has a wonderful user interface that provides you with fast messaging.

How To Install GBWhatsApp APK on Android using ACMarket

GBWhatsApp APK provides you with fast and easy messaging features. It also gives you high-quality voice and video calling services. As it is tweaked, you will not get it in the Apple app store and hence, you are required to download ACMarket. It is a great place to get third-party apps and games. Follow the steps below.

  • You have to take the Settings and go to the Security option. Enable the Unknown Sources option from here.
  • Next, you are required to navigate to the link given below using any browser.

   Download ACMarket APK

  • Click on the Download button in the download page that comes up to get ACMarket APK.
  • Open the APK file and tap on Allow from the pop-up window.
  • Now, you need to click on Install and ACMarket APK will be installed.

Download GBWhatsApp APK on Android

  • You have to launch ACMarket and search for GBWhatsApp APK.
  • Choose the app and then tap on the Install button next to it.

Install GBWhatsApp

  • Wait until the installation is complete.

You have GBWhatsApp APK on your Android devices. The app ensures that you have a safe and private messaging time without restrictions.

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Conclusion- GBWhatsApp APK on Android

GBWhatsApp APK gives you the option to hide your chat from the public. The whole design of the app can be changed easily. Now, you can enjoy a more interesting messenger app. You can install GBWhatsApp APK on Android using ACMarket. This way, you can get the mod safely and for free without even rooting your Android devices.

[Fixed] ACMarket Has Stopped Working and Parsing the Package Error

ACMarket is the best source of third-party apps in the market. An amazing app library is offered by ACMarket on Android that it is hard to find such a huge collection elsewhere. Also, the apps are provided safely and in the best quality. There is no crashing of apps while downloading it from ACMarket. However, there are few errors that have been reported by the ACMarket users lately. One of them is a problem with parsing the package. This can arise when the download process is incomplete.

ACMARKET APK on all Android,iOS and PC
Fix ACMarket APK Errors

Another problem reported is that ACMarket has stopped working. This can occur because of various reasons. In this article, we have discussed all the causes and solutions to fix the errors in detail. These are some issues caused during installation which can be corrected easily. You can always rely on ACMarket to get the best apps and games on Android. Check this out:Download AC Market on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak (UPDATE).

Features of AC Market APK

ACMarket provides you with tons of apps, modded, tweaked or hacked ones for free on your devices. This is why it is the most used app installer. Here are some features of ACMarket. Must Read: Download AC Market APK APP on Android (LATEST).

  • There is an enormous library of third-party apps and games for Android.
  • You can get all the apps including the paid ones for free.
  • Amazing download speed is shown by the app.
  • It has a great user interface to enable easy access to the apps.
  • No rooting is required to download AC Market or third-party apps from it.

It is a very user-friendly app installer to rely on. Now, all the apps you need are just a few clicks away.

How To Fix ACMarket has Stopped Working Error

Some of the users have reported that ACMarket closes down when you try to open it and a message appears saying that ACMarket has stopped working.

ACMarket has stopped working

If you are facing this issue, check out the methods given below.

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

You can try resetting the app preferences. Follow the steps given below.

  • Move to the Settings of your device.
  • Click on the Apps or App Manager tab to open it.
  • Under the All Apps, select the menu.

Reset App Preferences ACMarket

  • Tap on Reset App Preferences option and confirm it.

This method is found to work in most cases. If not, go to the next method.

Method 2: Clear Data and Cache of ACMarket

In this method, we try to clear all the app data including the cached files and launch ACMarket APK again.

  • You need to open the Settings.
  • Click on the Apps or Manage Apps option.
  • From the System Apps, choose Package Installer option.
  • Tap on the Clear Data option and then the Clear Cache option.

clear cache of ACmarket

  • Try launching ACMarket.

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

Even if all the other methods fail, this one is surely going to solve the issue.

  • Take the Settings again.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Security option.
  • Now, enable the Unknown Sources option.

Turn on Unknown Sources

  • Delete ACMarket and install it once more.

You won’t face the error anymore. You can launch ACMarket and download all the apps you need.

How To Fix Parsing the Package Error

Parsing the package error can occur if the APK file of ACMarket is not downloaded properly or is corrupted. It can also happen if the app installer is not compatible with your Android device. You can solve this using any of the methods below.

Method 1: Check the Manifested ACMarket APK file

As per your needs you can customize the APK file using Manifest App File. Some users might extract the APK and remove ads and unwanted things and save the APK file again, this is called Manifest file. If you have done this it will end up in Parsing the Package error, you can easily fix it by the following steps:

  • Click on the APK file.
  • Check for the file named andriomanifest.xml.
  • Reset the Settings of the file to default.

Method 2: Turn on USB Debugging on Android

Try USB Debugging on Android.

  • Take the Settings and open the About Device option.
  • Click on the Build Number continuously for 7 times.
  • A message will pop up saying “You are now a developer”.
  • Move to the Settings and choose Developer Options.

Turn on USB Debugging

  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Uninstall ACMarket and reinstall it.

Method 3: Check Whether ACMarket APK file is Corrupted or not

ACMarket will also show parsing problem when the APK file is corrupted.

To correct this, it is better to delete the file and any residual data. You can use the source given below to download the ACMarket APK file and install the app again.

ACMarket Has Stopped Working and Parsing the Package Error [FIX]

In spite of these small issues that some may face due to errors while downloading, ACMarket APK is found to be the best in performance. It offers a faster download speed. Hundreds of third-party apps are present in the inventory of ACMarket. They can be accessed for free and without rooting on Android.